“You seem to be by far the most efficient company who easily provide the best staff!” Tom Aitkens

“Well what can I say? Two words: “super job!” Excellent, combined team work from all involved. You should be very proud of what your team delivered today under very challenging circumstances.” ‘rhubarb’ at The Royal Albert Hall

“We thought your staff were wonderful, and it would be nice if you could let them know how much we appreciated their work. I found your help throughout the planning stages invaluable.” The Savoy

“The staff were excellent yesterday evening and exactly what we are looking for from an agency. Good job, well done.”
Gordon Ramsay Holdings

“Many thanks for providing such lovely staff for our show. Your staff were very helpful and everything went really well.” Hermes

“I recently managed the hospitality for the Royal Windsor Horse Show and I was left extremely impressed by the professionalism and efficiency of your staff towards delivering a fantastic event in which all our clients were particularly happy.” Royal Windsor Horse Show

“Your guys were just about to leave when our truck turned up to load some heavy equipment. Instead of getting in a tuff, your guys were completely co operative and actually helped us load our equipment. There were good attitudes in the Sherpa crew that night and it’s good to see in the industry. Attitudes that promote crew collaboration across different crewing companies make the experience better for everyone. Greatly appreciated. Nice stuff.” Absolute Events