The Sherpa Covenant

The Sherpa Covenant refers to the mutual obligations between the Client and the Sherpas who support them
It is an informal understanding, rather than a legally enforceable agreement
It is nevertheless the right thing to do and will deliver the best results for both Clients and Sherpas
Sherpa Commits to:
  • Get the job done to the highest standard, as efficiently as possible to enhance your reputation
  • To go the extra mile to make your event run smoothly and get things done properly
  • Become part of your team and work with you to make the event a resounding success
We ask our clients to Commit to:
  •  Brief your Sherpas throughly
  •  Ensure that they are treated fairly by your subordinate management
  •  Sherpas should expect to be treated as valued members of your team and respect as individuals
This commitment is predicated on a philosophy of mutual support and respect
Not a master servant relationship
These mutual obligations form the Sherpa Covenant between Sherpa and the Client